Agro Products & Processing

Agro Products & Processing

Prime Focus:

The Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industries (RCCI) recognizes that a significant number of Micro Entrepreneurs (MSEs) operating in the Agro Products and Processing sector are currently not registered with the District Industry Centre or other relevant Government Agencies. The primary focus of RCCI's efforts in this domain is to address this issue and provide support to MSEs in the targeted clusters.


The RCCI initiative targets multiple clusters where MSEs in the Agro Products and Processing sector require assistance. These clusters include Jhadol in Udaipur district, Kishangarhbas and Umerai belt in Alwar district, Mania and Madabhau in Alwar district, Rajawas in Sikar district, and Sanjay Nagar Kacchi Basti in Jaipur.

Direct Beneficiaries:

A total of 145 MSEs are expected to benefit directly from RCCI's initiatives in the Agro Products and Processing sector. These MSEs will receive various forms of support, including guidance and assistance in registering with the appropriate government agencies.

Promoted Products:

RCCI has actively encouraged the cultivation and processing of two specific products in the target clusters. These products are Safed Musli in Udaipur and Aloe-Vera in Alwar and Rajawas (Jaipur). By promoting these products, RCCI aims to create economic opportunities and enhance the market presence of MSEs in the Agro Products and Processing sector.

A. RCCI organized a Capacity Building event focused on Agro Products and Processing at Jhadol on May 27, 2007. The primary objective of this event was to facilitate linkages between MSEs and relevant institutions such as banks and other government agencies. A total of 32 participants benefited from this event.

B. RCCI conducted Capacity Building programmes to enhance entrepreneurial skills and empower business capacities for the members of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in Udaipur from January 5-7, 2008, and at Rajawas on February 12, 2008. These programmes aimed to provide SHG members and MSEs with market and financial empowerment. A total of 68 SHG members and MSEs derived significant benefits from these capacity building initiatives.


RCCI remains committed to supporting the growth and development of MSEs in the Agro Products and Processing sector. By facilitating registration, providing capacity building programmes, and promoting specific products, RCCI aims to create a conducive environment for MSEs to thrive and contribute to the overall economic progress of the targeted clusters.