Membership Types

Membership Types

Category of Membership

Patron Membership at RCCI:

Becoming a Patron Member of RCCI provides businessmen with exclusive privileges and benefits. To qualify as a Patron Member, individuals are required to pay the prescribed one-time fee determined by the Executive Committee of RCCI. Once registered as a Patron Member, no additional payment towards annual subscription fees is required. Patron Members have the eligibility to contest in elections and exercise their voting rights within RCCI.


Patron Membership offers the following advantages:

  1. Exemption from Annual Subscription Fees: Patron Members are relieved from the obligation of paying annual subscription fees, providing cost-saving benefits while enjoying the full range of services and resources provided by RCCI.
  2. Election Participation: Patron Members are eligible to actively participate in the election process of RCCI. They have the right to contest and vote, thereby influencing the selection of office bearers and representatives.
  3. Enhanced Status and Recognition: Patron Membership signifies a higher level of commitment and support towards the objectives and activities of RCCI. It confers an elevated status within the Chamber and enhances the member's reputation in the business community.


  1. Access to Chamber Services: Patron Members have access to a comprehensive range of services and resources offered by RCCI, including networking opportunities, industry information, advocacy support, and business development initiatives.

By becoming a Patron Member of RCCI, businessmen demonstrate their strong dedication to the Chamber's mission and enjoy exclusive privileges without the obligation of annual subscription fees. It is an esteemed membership category that provides enhanced opportunities for networking, influence, and engagement within the business community.

Lifetime Membership:

RCCI offers the opportunity to become a Lifetime Member to individuals who wish to enjoy long-term benefits and engagement with the Chamber. To become a Lifetime Member, businessmen are required to pay the prescribed one-time fee determined by the Executive Committee of RCCI. This exclusive membership category is available only to individuals and provides the privilege to contest in elections and exercise voting rights within GCCI.

Benefits of Lifetime Membership at RCCI:

  1. Long-Term Engagement: Lifetime Members have the advantage of continuous and uninterrupted engagement with RCCI, enjoying the benefits and services provided by the Chamber throughout their lifetime.
  2. Voting and Election Participation: Lifetime Members can actively participate in the election process of RCCI, exercising their voting rights and even contesting in the elections to contribute to the leadership and decision-making of the Chamber.
  3. Lasting Recognition: Lifetime Membership signifies a long-term commitment and support towards the objectives and initiatives of RCCI, earning lasting recognition within the business community and showcasing a strong affiliation with the Chamber.
  4. Access to Chamber Services: Lifetime Members gain access to a wide range of services and resources offered by RCCI, including networking opportunities, industry information, advocacy support, and business development initiatives, ensuring continuous support for their professional growth and success.


Becoming a Lifetime Member of RCCI is a testament to the individual's enduring commitment to the Chamber and provides them with privileged access to the Chamber's services and opportunities throughout their lifetime.

Corporate Membership at RCCI:

RCCI offers Corporate Membership to companies incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, or any subsequent or relevant acts in India. Limited Liability Partnership entities incorporated under the relevant laws are also eligible for Corporate Membership. Corporate Members have the privilege of nominating two representatives who can participate in the Chamber's activities. One representative can exercise voting rights and contest in the Chamber's elections.

Key Features of Corporate Membership at RCCI:

  1. Eligibility: Companies incorporated under the applicable Indian laws, such as the Companies Act, 1956, or subsequent acts, or Limited Liability Partnership entities, are eligible to become Corporate Members of RCCI.
  2. Nomination of Representatives: Corporate Members can nominate two representatives to represent their company in RCCI. These representatives play an active role in the Chamber's activities and contribute to its decision-making processes.
  3. Voting and Election Participation: One of the nominated representatives from a Corporate Member has the right to vote in the Chamber's elections, enabling them to influence the selection of office bearers and representatives. They can also contest as a candidate in the elections.
  4. Networking and Engagement: Corporate Membership provides ample opportunities for networking, collaboration, and engagement with other business entities, industry experts, and decision-makers within the Chamber's network.


By obtaining Corporate Membership at RCCI, companies and Limited Liability Partnership entities gain access to a platform that facilitates business growth, representation, and networking. It allows them to actively participate in the Chamber's activities, contribute to its democratic processes, and leverage the collective strength of the business community for mutual success.

Association Membership at RCCI:

RCCI recognizes Business Associations  as valuable stakeholders and offers Business Association Membership to those registered with the Chamber. Business Association Members, both government registered and unregistered, can contest and vote in the Chamber's elections, subject to eligibility criteria.

Key Features of Business Association Membership at RCCI:

  1. Eligibility Criteria: Government-registered Business Associations should have membership strength of at least 25 members to qualify for membership at RCCI. Unregistered Business Associations should have a minimum of 25 members and must have been in existence for at least 5 years to be considered eligible for membership.
  2. Representation and Participation: Business Association Members have the opportunity to actively participate in the Chamber's democratic processes. They can contest in the elections and exercise their voting rights, contributing to the selection of office bearers and representatives.
  3. Recognition and Support: RCCI acknowledges the significance of Business Associations and their role in the business community. By becoming a Business Association Member, organizations receive recognition and support from the Chamber, enhancing their credibility and visibility within the business ecosystem.
  4. Networking and Collaboration: Business Association Membership opens doors to networking and collaboration opportunities with fellow members, industry professionals, and decision-makers. It provides a platform for knowledge-sharing, exchange of ideas, and collective action for the betterment of the business community.


RCCI welcomes Business Associations to join as Members, enabling them to actively engage with the Chamber, leverage its resources, and contribute to the growth and development of the business landscape.




Successful Partnership


The Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RCCI) has embarked on a remarkable journey spanning over 73 years  , during which it has achieved significant milestones in the realms of social, industrial, and financial sectors through its diverse range of activities. Notably, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has established a unique collaboration with RCCI with the primary objective of promoting employment and income generation activities by fostering Micro and Small enterprises, initially focusing on the growth-oriented sub-sectors of 'Textile' and 'Gems & Jewellery'. This collaborative effort, known as Orientation Phase I, commenced in October 1998 and involved purposeful interventions tailored to meet the specific demands of the target beneficiaries, which continued until September 2008.

Building upon the achievements of Phase I, Phase II (1.10.2001–30.9.2006) placed special emphasis on uplifting and empowering micro entrepreneurs and micro enterprises operating in the sub-sectors of Wool & Woolen Products, Rural Craft & Culture, Agro & Food Processing, and Textiles. This phase encompassed a range of interactions and interventions designed to enhance the capabilities and opportunities available to these enterprises.

Subsequently, Phase III (1.10.2006 to 30.9.2008) was implemented with the following focal points:

i) Promotion of innovation and creativity among groups of artisans, self-help groups (SHGs), and micro and small enterprises (MSEs), providing support to extraordinary activities that often go unrecognized by mainstream institutions.

ii) Training and capacity building of groups of artisans, SHGs, business development service providers (BDSPs), and MSEs, addressing their specific skill requirements based on demand and need.

iii) Strengthening BDSPs through targeted support and capacity building initiatives to ensure their sustainability.


iv) Facilitating the mobilization of resources from other development agencies and government departments in favor of artisans, MSEs, and BDSPs.

v) Enhancing the skill sets of RCCI project team members through focused capacity building activities.

vi) Documenting interventions and success stories to capture valuable insights and experiences gained throughout the project implementation.

This strategic approach aimed to foster sustainable growth and socio-economic development within the targeted sectors, leveraging partnerships and resources while empowering individuals and communities.