Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Direct Benefits

Foreign Trade:

RCCI, in its commitment to supporting members in foreign trade endeavors, provides comprehensive assistance in various aspects. The following professional services are offered to facilitate international business activities:

  1. Trade Fair and Delegation Support: RCCI extends assistance to its members in organizing and participating in trade fairs and delegations. This support ensures members have the necessary resources and guidance to showcase their products and services on global platforms, fostering business opportunities and networking.
  2. Agreements of Cooperation: RCCI has established strategic partnerships through Agreements of Cooperation with international Chambers of Commerce. These agreements enable our members to explore foreign markets and establish trade and industrial ventures abroad. Members benefit from the collaborative opportunities and assistance provided by these international Chambers.
  3. Trade Inquiry Communication: RCCI acts as a conduit for trade inquiries, effectively communicating relevant inquiries to our members. This service helps expand their business by connecting them with potential partners, buyers, or suppliers, thus facilitating business expansion and growth.
  4. Certificates of Origin: As a support to our exporter members, RCCI issues Certificates of Origin. These certificates provide essential documentation and authentication of the origin of goods, assisting exporters in complying with international trade regulations and requirements.
  5. Visa Recommendation Letters: RCCI issues Visa Recommendation Letters to its members for overseas business travel. These letters serve as valuable endorsements, supporting members in obtaining visas for their international business trips, thus streamlining their travel processes and enhancing their global business engagements.

RCCI remains dedicated to facilitating and promoting foreign trade for its members, enabling them to seize opportunities, expand their market presence, and establish valuable connections in the international business arena.

Industry & Trade:

RCCI actively represents its members' interests in industry and trade, providing a range of professional services and opportunities. Here are some key benefits and offerings provided to our esteemed members:

  1. Representation and Interaction: RCCI sends representation letters on behalf of members to relevant authorities, facilitating dialogue and arranging interactive sessions with decision-makers. These engagements offer members a platform to express their concerns, discuss issues, and seek resolutions, ensuring their voices are heard at various levels.
  2. Access to Representations: Members gain access to representations made by RCCI to diverse public bodies. This provides them with insights into the Chamber's advocacy efforts, policy recommendations, and engagement with government entities. It keeps members informed about ongoing activities and initiatives that may impact their industry or trade.
  3. Representation on Advisory Councils and Committees: RCCI represents the concerns of its members by actively participating in various advisory councils and state/central level committees. Through these representations, the Chamber ensures that the interests of its members are well-represented, enabling them to contribute to policy formulation and decision-making processes.
  4. Helpdesk Services: RCCI operates several Helpdesks to address the issues and queries of its members. These dedicated service centers provide guidance, assistance, and resolutions on specific matters, facilitating smoother operations and problem-solving for our members.
  5. SMS/ What’s App Updates: Regular SMS/ What’s App updates are sent to members, keeping them informed about upcoming RCCI events. This ensures that members stay updated on relevant networking opportunities, seminars, conferences, and other industry-related activities organized by RCCI.
  6. Support for Women Entrepreneurs, MSMEs, and Youth Members: RCCI provides encouragement and guidance specifically tailored to women entrepreneurs, MSMEs, and youth members. These initiatives aim to empower and support these segments by offering targeted programs, mentoring, networking opportunities, and access to relevant resources.
  7. Venue Booking and Meeting Facilities: RCCI offers convenient venue booking services for conferences and meetings to its members. This enables them to access well-equipped facilities and create a professional environment for their business activities.
  8. Lectures and Discussion Meetings: Members have the privilege of participating in informative lectures and discussion meetings on topics of topical interest. These events provide valuable insights, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities, contributing to members' professional development.

RCCI is committed to actively supporting and advocating for the interests of its members in the industry and trade sectors, creating a conducive environment for their growth, success, and meaningful engagement.


1. Well-maintained Library: Access to a comprehensive and well-maintained library for members.

2. Archived Newspaper Cuttings: Access to archived newspaper cuttings related to important sectors.

3. Reading Room: Access to a dedicated reading room for members to study and conduct research.

These facilities aim to support members in staying updated with relevant information and conducting in-depth research in their respective fields.

Indirect Benefits:

Social Networking and Customer References: Prospects for social networking and opportunities to establish valuable customer references within the business community.

  • Low-Cost Advertising: Opportunities for low-cost advertising through various channels and platforms, helping members promote their products and services effectively.
  • Trade Event Information and Participation: Regular updates and invitations for participation in trade-related events, allowing members to showcase their offerings and engage with potential business partners.

Industry Database Access: Access to a comprehensive industry-related database, providing valuable information and insights to support business growth and decision-making.