About RCCI

About RCCI

The Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RCCI) is a prominent organization that aims to foster an environment conducive to the growth of industry and trade in Rajasthan.

Established in 1949 under the Jaipur Companies Act, 1942, RCCI has played a crucial role in supporting the industrial and business community in the region for over 73 years. It’s an Apex organization representing Industry and Trade in the state of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Chamber collaborates with various divisions and affiliations, including Divisional Chambers of Commerce and Industry, product manufacturing associations, professional bodies, and micro-level entrepreneur organizations.

With a membership base of 7,500, including over 200 Trade and Industry Associations, Rajasthan Chamber represents around 5 thousand members. The organization is affiliated with esteemed national level bodies such as The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry (ASSOCHAM) etc. These affiliations allow RCCI to contribute to policy-making processes and participate in National and International business forums. Beside this RCCI have done several MoU’s with all leading National and International organizations for business promotion.

RCCI actively engages in meaningful dialogues, both at micro and macroeconomic levels, to promote the economic growth of the Country and the State. The organization facilitates intra and inter-industry discussions, industry-community engagements, and industry-Government meetings to provide effective services to its members. Expert committees within RCCI focus on specific areas of expertise and organize exclusive events. The organization also extends its expertise and feedback to various committees, councils, of Central and State Govt and other bodies to facilitate business processes and policy making decisions.

International business relations are a priority for RCCI, which actively hosts business meetings with foreign delegations and sponsors business delegations to different countries. The organization maintains active links with more than 30 leading Chambers of Commerce worldwide.

RCCI recognizes its social obligations and has undertaken substantial relief work projects for communities affected by natural calamities and was also in Covid-19 pandemic.

In recent times, RCCI has taken significant initiatives, such as setting up helpdesks for guidance on topics like Export-Import, MSMEs, and GST. The organization has also established an Alternate Dispute Resolution Centre for mediation, conciliation, and arbitration processes. RCCI actively seeks to exchange trade inquiries with foreign Chambers to promote bilateral trade.

Furthermore, RCCI maintains connections with Chambers of Commerce from other countries, such as the Calgary Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and Thai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Indo American Chamber of Commerce through joint working agreements. Additionally, RCCI has been involved in a collaborative project with the Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation (SDC) for poverty alleviation through job creation for the past nine years, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland.

As Rajasthan Chapter of the India Council of Arbitration (ICA), RCCI provides a platform for settling disputes through arbitration in accordance with the Rules of Arbitration. The President of RCCI serves as the Chairman of the RCCI Arbitration Committee.

RCCI's dedication to supporting industry and trade, its collaborations with national and international bodies and its social initiatives demonstrate its commitment to creating a favorable business environment and contributing to the overall development of Rajasthan.

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