Certificate of Origin

With authorization of the Ministry of Commerce-Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry issues the Certificate of Origin to exporters of the Region/State on the same day and fee charged is Rs.100/- + Service Tax to cover the administrative cost for the members. The amount may be paid by cheque or cash. The Certificate of Origin is signed by notified officials. As a legal pre-cautionary measure that the goods being exported are of Indian Origin an applicant is required to submit an affidavit of Rs.10/- non judicial stamp paper with attestation by notary public. Besides, RCCI also issues recommendatory letters to the members for issue of VISA for foreign visits in connection with promotion of business and joint ventures.

Trade Information Centre (TIC)

TIC is providing internet based services like internal & external business details, marketing with international buyers and sellers, e-mail (infor@rajchamber.com) etc. RCCI has its own website (www.rajchamber.com) which provides promotional services such as national and international market related information, source of procuring raw materials, business details of exports & imports etc. TIC is a place where all information regarding industry  and trade is made available under one roof.

Micro & Small Entrepreneurs Cell (MSE-Cell)

Micro & Small Entrepreneurs Cell (MSE-Cell) provides basic information, consultancy services and business development services to the Tiny and Micro Entrepreneurs for setting up of industrial units and marketing assistance besides conducting skill development programs, EDPs etc.

Consultancy (specialized services through Associated Experts)

Consultancy service are being provided on Herbal & Medicinal Plants Cultivation, Processing and Marketing, Economic Analysis on Investments, Jont Ventures, Customs Regulations, Document Preparation for Export-Import, Export Procedures, Registration etc. Establishment of Display Centre, Exchange Regulation Assistance, Export Finance, Carpet Designing and Marketing, Gem Testing, Jewellery Designing etc., Industrial Finance Management, Marketing Management, Setting up of SSI and Micro Enterprises etc. It also provides consultancy services in the areas of EDP, HID and HRD etc.


More then 7000 books relating to Industry, Trade, Company and Labour Laws, Taxation, Foreign Trade Directories and Reference Books on important Industries, Trade Associations & Monographs form ASSOCHAM, FICCI, ICC, PHD Chamber and affiliated organizations of RCCI are available in the Library. More than 100 Indian and Foreign Magazines, Periodicals, Reports and Newspapers are regularly being reserved. The books of library are being provided on membership basis. There is also facility for Photocopying.