The main Objectives for which RCCI has been established are -:

  1. To promote trade, commerce, industry and mining in the state of Rajasthan in particular, and the country in general.
  2. To coordinate with various authorities of Government, local bodies, National Chambers, Committees, Financial Institutions etc. on all matters affecting trade, commerce, industry, manufacturing and banking etc.
  3. To alleviate poverty through development and promotion of micro enterprises in selected sectors.
  4. To organize seminars, symposia and workshops on different subjects of interest to Industry, Trade and Commerce.
  5. To maintain effective interaction with Central and State Governments, Financial Institutions, NGOs and Departmental Agencies for effective implementation of socio-economic and industrial promotional projects and policies.
  6. To serve as an effective information bureau for trade and industry.
  7. To organize, conduct and /or participate in national and international exhibitions, seminars, conferences, workshops,, social welfare camps etc.
  8. To establish liaison with trade representatives, trade organizations, and associations of foreign countries in India or outside India to facilitate study tours and exchange visits.
  9. To help establish import-export consortia, organize subcontracting exchange, common or joint
    marketing agencies, etc.