The mission & vision of RCCI is to bring happiness and the contentment among the Micro Entrepreneurs/Micro Enterprises in the Clusters where either single Micro Entrepreneur and or his family members are working to earn their livelihood. To achieve this noble motive, RCCI in partnership with SDC since 1998 have worked together for their upliftment, diversifying them into economic value added activities, capacity building for their sustenance. Health hygiene and social upliftment of these entrepreneurs/enterprises along with their family members have always been kept into priority.

The Clusters focused have been Gem and Jewellery, Hand Block Printing, Value added Garments/Cloths, use of value added natural dyes, Namda and Namda Products, Terracotta, Food and Agro Processing. These clusters are instrumental for direct and indirect job generation besides exports.

RCCI have been able to generate direct sustainable 1864 jobs in MSEs and over 5,000 indirect jobs in the focused clusters. Further RCCI with their latest infrastructure facilities and experienced Project team have been able to forge alliances and networking with other Government and Non Government agencies for achieving the mission.

The Capacity Building Phase of MSEs and RCCI project team has ended on 30th September, 2008. RCCI with the strong and motivated Project team shall carry on further expanding, diversifying and sustaining the established and new clusters.