Two products were encouraged i.e. Safed Musli at Udaipur and Aloe Vera at Alwar and Rajawas (Jaipur Rural). Beneficiaries were persuaded through various interventions and coordination of different Agencies to identify a processor or set up processing units. One of the BDSPs, Mr. Tulsi Bhatia was further strengthened to put up a Processing factory. RCCI’s facilitation and implementation by the BDSP resulted in an Aloe Vera processing unit under the name Hiteshi Herbotech (P) Ltd. at Neemrana on Jaipur-Delhi highway. RCCI also facilitated in arranging venture capital fund and various other connectivities with the concerned Departments.

It is heartening to note that the above said Processing Unit has the commenced production of following multifarious products.

1. Aloevera Juice (Plain/Strawberry/Orange)
2. Aloevera Skin Gel (Rose/Green apple/Saffron)
3. Aloevera Massage Gel
4. Aloevera Scrub Cream
5. Aloevera Cucumber Cream
6. Aloevera Herbal Face Pack
7. Aloevera Hair Gel
8. Thrix (Aloevera Hair Cleaner)
9. Hitbath (Aloevera herbal soap)
10. Aloevera Tooth Cleaner
11. Aloevera Herbal Balm
12. Aloevera Pickle

It has also now entered in a tie up with Baba Ramdev Pharmacy for its products.

Interventions by RCCI has resulted in creation of employment of more than 700 persons both in Aloe Vera growing and processing whereby both skilled and unskilled labour are able to enhance their income and are on road to self sufficiency.



Smt. Radha Devi is resident of a small village called Bharni in district Tonk. The main activity of females of this village is either seasonal agricultural laborers or mere housewife with a meager income of approx Rs. 2500/- to Rs. 3000/- per annum. The focused interventions/capacity building by RCCI has changed the scenario by social and economic empowerment of females.

Radha Devi, who before 5-7 years was earning only Rs. 2500/- per annum has now an income of Rs. 75,000/- per annum. Not only this, her MSE has now been processing orders both for herself and her group; participating in exhibitions to market the products. She is managing the namdah groups at Bharni and motivating other females to grow.

It has improved her life style. Her children are now going to school; they are living in pucca house. She is now aware of the importance of health and hygiene. She has planned to expand/diversify her micro enterprise and has set an example for others to follow.



Smt. Rita Singh, born and brought up at Sawaimadhopur, was doing small selling of Embroidery Material, Readymade Garments, Home decoration items etc. She has done her diploma in ITI (cutting and Tailoring) and on Food processing from Small Industries Development Institute.

After coming in contact with RCCI, she got exposure to trainings, workshops and seminars organized by RCCI for providing Micro Entrepreneurs and Micro Enterprises with new learnings and to create/generate sustainable jobs/MSEs in the field of value addition on Textiles. She always had burning desire to increase her income and learn new ways to give new look to textiles.

She started going to market directly under the facilitation of RCCI, and got good linkages from the exporters and buyers. She started providing training capacity building to beneficiaries at Bambori village for new market skills. She made three groups of 25 women each. Also, she is now running her own NGO named as “Mahila Seva Sadan Samiti”.

She has now been getting regular business and earning of Rs. 8000/- to 10000/- per month. Besides, increase in business and income, there has been a steady improvement in the environment, health and hygiene at her work place. Now she has planned to develop a common facility centre and a marketing avenues at Sawaimadhopur where she can promote her designed/value added products along with products of members of SHGs.



One of the trainers of Geetanjali Music Society, Ms. Reema Goyal has been sent to Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago as teacher cum performer by ICCR, Government of India for a three years assignment.

The other trainer Ms. Geetanjali has been managing the SHGs/Group- Geetanjali Music Society at Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. The Society has been performing live shows and doing capacity building of their members.

One of the beneficiary of Geetanjali Music Society, Ms Monika Agarwal has been actively participating in programs and has been under going training, market exposures etc. from time to time. Initially she was earning around 1200/- p.m. After the capacity building interventions of RCCI and under the guidance of Ms. Reema Goyal and Ms. Geetanjali, trainers/experts, she had opportunity to participate in various programmes organized by RTDC, Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy etc. Her life is changed today. She has the opportunity to teach dance in a school and her earnings have increased to 9000/- p.m. approx. On a social level, other girls of her society look up to her and are motivated to learn dance which would in turn give them a better life.



RCCI with focused capacity building interventions improved the demand conditions, induced new skills & technology and upgraded existing ones, upgraded technology in areas like Energy Management, Treating Textile Effluents through a CETP and finally created a conducive environment to safeguard the interest of poor Handblock MSEs through advocacy and lobbying with Government and Non Government Agencies. About 550 MSEs benefited from RCCI Capacity Building Interventions.

One of the beneficiaries, Sh. Daya Ram Bhati belonging to a poor family has a MSE on Hand Block Printing in Sanganer was not contributing much to his family income prior to RCCI’s support and capacity building. His income which was earlier Rs. 25,000/- per annum increased to over Rs. 2 lacs per annum. He is also a part of a NGO for upliftment of Rural Artisans/MSEs in the Textile Sector.