Capacity Enhancement Interventions – All Sectors

RCCI organized Capacity Building Programme for MSEs and BDSPs of Textile, Wool & Woolen Products, Rural Craft & Culture, Agro Product Processing Sectors on 28.3.2007. The programme was participated by 92 SHGs and 18 numbers BDSPS.

B. RCCI organized Sanganer Textile Cluster development/Business Enhancement Meet in association with MSEs of Textile of Sanganer.

C. ‘Scaling the Peak of Professional Excellence’ – Capacity Building Programme was organized in association with Chief Commissioner, Central Excise & Customs on 21.3.2007.


D. Programme cum Interaction Session for owners/Managers of MSEs, BDSPs, RCCI Project Team for Stress Management was organized by RCCI through Dr. Rashmi on 29.10.2007 at Jaipur and Sanganer.

E. Capacity Enhancement Programme – Showing the value added & diversified products from all Sectors was organized on 30.4.2008. 28 numbers BDSPs and MSEs benefited from this programme.